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30th August - Hubert Cecil Booth patented they vacuum cleaner.

2nd October - The first British submarine was launched in Barrow.

10th December - Nobel Prizes awarded for the first time.


16th December - A Young Offenders Detention Centre was opened in Borstal, Kent.


16th June - Henry Ford formed a new motor company.


7th January - A distress signal CQD, the forerunner of SOS was established.

12th March - Britain's first electric main-line train ran from Liverpool to Southport.

21st July - The 4,607 mile long Trans-Siberian Railway was completed after 13 years.

13th December - The Metropolitan Underground line went electric.

17th December - American inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright took off for a few minutes in the first ever flight.


17th May - A typhus epidemic breaks out in the East End of London.

1st July - Albert Einstein produced his theory of relativity.


17th February - The Liberal Party gained power in a landslide General Election victory.

19th February - Will Kellogg established the Battle Creek Toasted Cornflake Company.

8th March - The British Empire currently reached across one-fifth of the world's land surface.

7th April - Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupts.

17th June - The largest, fastest passenger liner, the Lusitania, was launched in America.

3rd October - SOS International distress signal replaced call sign CQD.


25th July - Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scout Movement.

10th December - Rudyard Kipling won the Nobel Prize for Literature for The Jungle Book.


31st August -  W.G.Grace retired from cricket.


1st January - The first payment in the UK of Old Age Pensions and was 5/- per week.

15th January - Europe's worst earthquake in Messina in southern Italy.

16th January - South Pole reached by Shackleton.

15th April - Britain's largest department store, Selfridges, opened in London.

29th April - Lloyd George announces a 'People's Budget', raising taxes to fund the first pensions for the over-seventies.

28th September - The House of Commons confirmed that nine Suffragette prisoners arwere being force fed.


13th January - Opera was broadcast on radio for the first time.

26th January - Record floods in Paris devastate the city.

1st February - The government opens the first eighty labour exchanges to aid the unemployed.

8th March - The first Pilots Licence issued.

20th May - Halley's Comet pases within 13 miles of the earth.

15th June - Captain Scott sets out on his expedition to the Antarctic.

27th August - American Thomas Edison demonstrates the first talking motion pictures.

7th September - Marie Curie isolates the first pure sample of radium.

18th November - Suffragettes storm the Houses of Parliament.


7th March - The first non-stop flight from Paris to London is made in three hours.

3rd April - Figures show that Britain's population has grown to 45 million.

31st May - The SS Titanic was launched at the Shipyard of Harland and Wolf in Belfast.

23rd June - King George V was crowned. 

14th December - Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen beats Captain Scott to the South Pole.


17th January - Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole.

                                                   To be continued