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       Admiralty Portsdown, Portsmouth Apprentices Roll of Honour

The Portsdown site of the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment, which is the name most people will remember it by, saw the first buildings being erected in 1974 but apprentices were first recruited for the establishment at Witley in Hampshire and when the workshops were completed in 1949/50 they were transferred to their new parent site.

This Roll is of all the apprentices who, for historical reasons, were trained at the site. There may be the odd error and we will be very pleased to hear of them so that corrections can be made. We are always on the look-out for ex-apprentices so that their details can be recorded and available for anyone who wishes to make contact in the future. If you have information or know anything about apprentices not included, please send this to pham2144@aol.com. There is also a Facebook site at ASWE Link-up

Wherever a surname is marked with an asterisk (*), this means that further information is available.

1947 entry - John Bryant, John Foote, John Goulter, Alan Pannell, *David Wells and A.N. Other.

1949/50 entry - David Cresswell, Raymond Bone, John Bryant, *Richard William Cross, Frederick Eley, Kenneth Gillmore, Brian Hoskins, Peter Linnett,    ------ McCarthy, Brian Pratt,  Frederick Neal, *Keith Pratt, *Robin Stillwell.

Due to lack of records, it has not been possible to allocate which years the individual apprentices commenced their training.

1951 entry - *Brian Ballantyne, *Melvyn Barfoot, *Philip Braycotton, *David Burrell, Donald Gazzard, Michael Mee, Alan Moore, *Stewart Muggeridge, Dennis Pratt, *Peter Stanton, Leonard Otway Wilkinson, John Wills and Brian Withers.

1952 entry - Brian Evill, *Philip Hammond, John Lawes, *Trevor Mortimer and William Smith.

1953 entry - John C. Baits, *Rex Bradford, Trevor Clay, Ernest C.D. Coates, *Eric Fagot, David Edward Hammond, *Christopher Laming, *Ronald Alllen Pryce, *John Ross and Ronald Spencer.

1954 entry -No details have been found for this intake.

1955 entry - John Brooks, *Anthony James Grant, H.L. Jenkinson, Peter James Ross and *Brian E. Spencer.

1956 entry - Murray Gorman, Leonard Hayward, Leonard Marchant, John R. McCormick, Robert N. Milner, Roy Victor Sampson, David John Sansom and Brian Tyler.

1957 entry - Colin Alford, David John Cobb, Alan Frampton, Daniel Gilbert, John Brian Hennessy, Peter Hicks, Derek Alan Knight, *Anthony William Lang, *Dennis Lee, *David Arthur Liddle, *Barry Leonard Moncomb, *James Ernest Morris, *Kenneth James Nash, *Ronald Andrew Palmer, Brian Stanley Pinhorn, Peter George Smith and *Roderick Harry Tracey.

1958 entry - *Dennis Allen, Dennis Michael Hicks, *Keith Frederick Milton, David alfred Moor, *Roger Arthur New, Alan David Purdy, Keith Rodney Regnard, Alan Ernest H. Smith and Edward Thorn.

 1959 entry - Ian J. Brothers, Keith W. Burton, *Barrie M. Christie, *John Anthony Greenland, *Peter William Greenleaf, Barry Keith Jenner, *Robert Newman, Michael David Orchard, Malcolm Ronald Perchard, *David William Pratt, *Keith Whitbourne and David Frederick Reed.

1960 entry - Kenneth R. Andrews, Graham I Brown, *Graham L. Barker, Michael Cole, *Richard D. Coles, E.C. Coombes, *Harold R. Gibling, Nigel John Kennett, *Dennis William Ling, *Terence Rittey, *Christopher Ronald Slater, *Robin Charles Smith, *Roger Michael Smith and *Barrie Upton.

1961 entry - Robert D Cochrane, R.F. Convine, Christopher John Cooper, Dennis J. Dodds, Reginald James Hackett, Clive James Harris, Neville Hillyer, Colin William Matthews, *Donald Wilfred Raven, *Richard Stock,, Barry Leslie Stubbs and George Malcolm Westcombe.

1962 entry - R. Chaplin, Kenneth R. Critchett, R.C. Downer, Grahame P. Giles, Michael Johnson, Nigel John Kennett, Geoffrey Leach, Alan May-Waters, Roger William McCarthy, Derek Hayden Morgan, David John Reynolds, Christopher Wade Robins, Michael Robert Russell and Terry Keith Smith.

1963 entry - *Stephen Beard, *F.M. Bertie, Trevor Chalmers, Peter Alfred Farley, *William E. Fountain, Laurence Felix Kent, Peter Kynvin, John William Powell, *Ronald Allen Price, Colin David Sewell, *Thomas Michael Slight, and Derek George Terry.

1964 entry - *Alan Blamire, Lawrence Cluer, Paul Dean, Daviod G. Evans, David J. Gall, Alan Robert Halstead, Mark Francis Hunter, *Philip George Sidney Kerry, William Richard Nichols, David Russell, Robert James Sorrell, Richard Leslie Sparks, John Reginald Stammers.

1965 entry - Roderick Algie, Ronald Ball, David Best, Philip Buckeridge, Graham P. Burrell, R.H. Dix, John Dixon, James Franklin, Michael William Graham, *Jeffrey Mark Hassall, David Ernest Hill, R. Jenkins, Peter Arthur Jenkins, *Richard Philip Jury, Richard John Kinch, *Martin Lee, *Stuart John Percy, Peter Perrett, John Poingestre, *Ian Malcolm Renouf, Brian Ernest Sampson,Richard Arthur Sharp, Anthony James Thomas, Raymond James Thurgood, *Roger Turner.

1966 entry - C.G. Alexander, Stephen E. Baulcomb, *David John Biscoe, C.D.M. Brown, *Roger M. Brown, Graham Peter Chilcott, *Anthony C. Dunford, *Terence C. Edington, Peter John Goddard, Peter John Gofton, *Malcolm William Hammond, *Raymond Lines, Martin Jack Mason, Richard McCarthy, Alan John Mountifield, John Francis Mullins, Stephen Palmer, Stephen Clifford Pearson, Brian Frank Pile, Roderick Pullen, Brian Victor Rogers, Philip John Skeens, John Edwin Southam, Stuart James Vacher.

1967 entry - Neil John Barron, James A.Butler, Trevor A. Chalmers, Alan John Clarke, Dennis C. Clarke, *John A. Colbourne, Rodney A. Dinnage, P.G.C. George, David Charles Goddard, Stephen John Guy, Richard Thomas Hill, Richard George Hunt, Martyn Ernest Keil, Robert Alexander Kennedy, Michael Jenneth Leary, David Martin Roberts, Barrty John Stelling, Terence John Twine, Clive Leslie Wakefield, Dennis Peter Williams, *Roy Scott Williams,*Keith Trevor Wollen, *Derek Richard Wye, Venon Young.

1968 entry - *James G. Barron, Paul J. Barton, *Ronald A. Cotterell, *John E. Cowley, *Christopher Dawkins, Martin William Grimble, *James Victor Hassall, Stephen Ronald Hunt, Leslie John Ives, *Roderick S. MacGregor, John Francis Mullins, David I. Quinn, Antony Harold Shaw, Nicholas Wiulliam Walker, Leslie Wallin, Ralph Weller, *Gordon H. White.

1969 entry - B.J. Baker, Michael A. Black, Peter Davies, Thomas Edwards, Christopher Farren, Eric Harry, David Hunt, Philip Jesshope, David Martin, David Charles Rowntree, John Leonard Rowntree, J.J. Smith, *Kelvin William Smith, D.S. Wagland,

1970 entry - Jeremy Clark, Richard Clark, Gary Frost, *Adrian John Locke, Steven F, Money, ---- Morris, Andrew Paul Robinson, *Paul Stephen Rushton, *Stephen Speed , Laurence Turner, *David Charles Yetton.

1971 entry - *Andrew Kenneth Anscombe, Michael Collins, Stephen John  Denyer, Kevin Joyner, Peter Kynvin, David John Lambert, Anthony Eric Manicom, Terence Andrew Spence, Robert John Wateridge, John Woodward.

1972 entry - * Graham Peter Bastable, David Baxter, Richard Christmas, Stephen Crooks, *Adrian Crossley, *Terence Francis Duffy, *Paul Emery, Stephen Fox, Michael Stephen Lucas, Philip Pearse O'Leary, *Paul Jonathan Waller, Peter Woolliscroft.

1973 entry - Mark A.V. Hemming,Gavin Clifford Mackay, Philip Owen Marshall, David Neil Morgan, Stephen John Rowe, Richard Trevithick, Martin John Ward, *Martin Gordon Wilkinson.

1974 entry - Alastair Ewing, Gary Goff, *Paul Vernon Murray, Roger Llewellyn Owen, David Grant Ray, Raymond John Rogers, *Michael Edward Rose, Stephen Thomas Rumble, Alan Harold C. Thorning, David William Westall, Neil Wilkins.

1975 entry - Ian Paul Andrews, John Mark Barrow, *Gavin John Cole, Clive Martin Hawnt, John A. Jinks, Anthony Bowes Mills, Christopher Paul Nel, Grant Rashley, Roy Charles Tod, Leslie Tiurner, *Wynn Williams.

1976 entry - *Simon Paul Butcher, Neil David Foster, Paul David Limburn, Michael William O'Hagan, Clive Anthony Parsons, Stephen Alan P, Pattenden, Stephen M. Richardson, *Kim Peter Riddle, Howard Steven Sparkes, Michael John White.

1977 entry - Peter John Dabbs, Trevor David Exelby, David John Fisher, Mark Timothy Gilbert, John E. Goble, Benjamin Philip Hardisty, Roy Kew, Alan Kileen, Peter N. Longden, Michael Alan Newman, M.A. Paine, Philip Shepherd, Stephen George Staples, *Richard James Woodward, *Anthony R. Wright.

1978 entry - *Kerry James Allen, Andrew Birt, *Paul David Buckner, Akan John Bullivant, Oeter Elliott, Simon Peter Gutman, Robert Sinclair Hall, J. Harris, Anthony Joseph Keating, Andrew Brian Little, David John Mace, David Malone, Stephen James Moss, David Charles Mundell, David Melvin Paull, John pearce, Martyn Russell Sharp, Darren Street, David Tanner, Mark Vipond, Keith Richard Welch, *Christopher Paul Wilkinson.

1979 entry - *Kenneth John  Adams, Timothy John Arnold, Gary Butterfield, Paul Graham Callard, *John Graham Cripps, *Andrew Dacombe, R. Debonairre, Andrew Evan Eastwood, Mark John Elverson, Michael Alan Graham, *Adrian Charles Green, Harty Lancaster,*Ian Lavery, David Michael Libby, Dale lloyd, Derk James Mace, Nicholas John Press, *Anthony Salmon, Clice Robert Sanders, *Timothy Spivey, Richard Stockwell, Thomson John, Paul Wyatt.

1980 entry - C. Atkins, *Andrew John Ball, Miles Betts, Roland Barry Castleton, D. Gilbert, David Martin Roberts, Savid Edward Robinson.

1981 entry - N. Clare, R. Downes, ----- Harris, Simon Klitz, *Andrew Manby, T. Nock, Christopher Sood, Gareth Thomas, Paul Workman.

1982 entry - ------ Clarke, Christopher Dix, ------ Edwards, David Higgs *Simon Miles.

1983 entry - Martin Care, Steward Dix, M. Gilbert, *Michael Higginbottom, *Nicholas Mannell, Neil Millard, -------- Palmer, Stuart Robertson, John Sayers, Stephen Shilling.

1984 entry - Paul Bartlett, Michael Gould, Mark Hooker, Gavin Hudson. *Rudi Last, George Moore, Michael Roberts, Nigel Scragg, David Sparshott, David Tanner, Martin Woolcott.

1985 entry - Jason Ball, Shaun Buchanan, Andrew Efford, Michael Fowler, *Neil Garnett, *Paul Grainger, Andrew Love, Glynn Parker, Richard Poate, Robert Shrimpton, *Lee Thirlwall, Mark Wilson.

1986 entry - Iain Bowker, Stephen Camburn, Paul James, Mark Logan, Peter McPhillips,*Carl Stevens, Alex Taylor (ACO Slough).

1987 entry - Stephen Berwyn Conway, Alan Brian Fairall, *Neil St John Francis, *Mark Hobbs, Steven Jones, Stewart Alexander Price, Darren Searle, Glen Stokes, Jon Winter.

1988 entry - David John Adde, *Scott Butler, James Cronk, Darren Curtis, Lee Roser, Daniel Shrimpton, Eamonn Walsh, John Warhurst.

1989 entry - Colin Alford, Neil Robert Cooke, Neil Robert Edney, Kevin Flynn, Martin Lambert, Stewart Robert Morris, Stephen Nicholas Roebuck, *Craig Laurence Sadler, Stephen Toone, *Andrew David Travis, Stephen John Yardley.

1990 entry - *Matthew Leigh Davis, Bradford Durdey, Rodney James Gammon, Paul Robert Jones, Wayne Littlefield, *Jamie Lunn, Timothy Reed, Roy Skelding, *Andrew Barry Smith, James Douglas Terry, Darren Michael Turner.

1991 entry - Robert Allpress, Jonathan Edward Bridger, *Christopher John Bundy, Scott Freeland, John Hamilton, Andrew William Moore, Kevin Pack, *Michael Lee Parkin, Gary James Sayers, *Johnathan Peter Vince, Dameon Martin Walker.

1992 entry - Graham Banks, Neil Broomfield, Shaun Andrew Collins, Martin Dennis Keech, Mark Anthony Sanders, David Paul Tickner, *James Dominic Vince.

No entries 1993 to 1995

1996 entry - James Day and Ben Wild

1997 entry - *Christopher Gooding and Christopher Roach.

1998 entry - James Skeet and Samuel Trigger.

1999 entry - *Darren Poynter, Oliver Whitfield-Andrews, Marek Mamzur, Daniel Silvester, Neil Andrew.

2000 entry - *Simon Biles, Adam Wilson, *Steven Read.

2001 entry - Daniel Coates, Christopher Head, Nicholas Powell.

2002 entry - *Paul Greenleaf and *Matthew Pye.

End of apprentice intakes.

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