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              St Francis Church in Riders Lane, Leigh Park

We are quite a young organisation now being founded just twenty-two years ago, but during that time we have done our best to keep growing and so have a very wide range of research material not only in the printed form but on computers, fiche and CDs.

It is often thought by the description of the word ‘Meeting’ implying that we are same as any other Family History Society, but that is a long way from the truth in many ways. We have strong records for the Havant and Portsmouth areas together with Hampshire and Sussex and the Isle of Wight. But we go wider afield than that and cover a lot of the United Kingdom and then across the world.
We are, in fact, a Record Office with microfiche readers and online computers. We have a phenomenal number of CDs and microfiche including the IGI for the whole of the world. We welcome visitors at any stage of their family history research and we can also give one-to-one instruction if needed. There is a lot more we could say, but why not pop in and see us and find out for yourself. We are open on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of every month from 7.30pm and, of course, 24hrs for Emails. Parking is free and there are always refreshments available.

We have the minimum of rules, all members voting on specific occasions that need to be made from time to time. The day-to-day running of the Centre is undertaken by just four elected members and these are:

Our Chairman, Phil Hammond, our Vice-Chairman Brian Dorey, our Treasurer Ernie Oliver, and our Publicity Officer/Librarian is Sue Renault

Members work together researching and transcribing registers etc to produce our publications and we have summer and winter events to add a social side to all our research work.

Our postal address for all communications is:

Staunton Park Genealogy Centre,

29, Greenwood Avenue,



Hants. PO6 3NP

With all communications, please state where you are as this often helps us to answer questions and point you to places near to where you live in the search of information.