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We have a large number of publications for sale on a variety of aspects to do with Hampshire, all of which are researched by our members. The current list is as follows:

NEW The Creation of ASWE 1947-1997. This publication was originally published up to 1969 by Norman Vidler with only a few copies ever printed. In Hampshire Libraries there is only one copy. The book has been re-formatted and updated to 1997 with the addition of photographs taken before the site was completely raised to the ground. This issue is a limited print and so copies will only be available at exhibitions that we attend (see the Our Diary page) or by post to the address at the bottom  of this page (beware postgage is expensive!) The book is on  sale for £4.50.

NEW Trace Your Family History. This is a brand-new, very colourful and modern book complete with details on how to carry out Family History Research. It is packed with diagrams, details, photographs and illustrations and is in full colour. This book is now on sale from the usual outlets at £4.50.

NEW First Click. Have you never heard of this title? - well is is the BBC system which explores the Internet through Hobbies and interests and so you get online one click at a time. The book will be displayed on the BBC stand at our forthcoming big exhibition and is priced at £3.50.

The Phillimore Parish Registers Series


Volume 1 (in two parts) which includes the parishes of Penton Mewsey, Knight's Enham, Monxton, Hurstbourne Tarrant, St Mary Bourne, Hurstbourne Priors, Bullington, Tufton, Bramley, Dummer, Steventon, Deane, Wootton St Lawrence and Cliddesden. (£5 each part)

Volume 2 which includes the parishes of Aldershot, Amport, Coombe, Faccombe, Overton, Tangley, Up Nateley, Vernham, Winslade and Yateley. (£5)

Volume 3 (in two parts) which includes the parishes of Sherborne St John, Eversley, North Waltham, Church Oakley, Winchfield, Elvetham, Dogmersfield, Basing, Farnborough and Hartley Wintney. (£5 each part)

Volume 4 which includes the parishes of Crondall (Marriages), Winton Cathedral (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials) and Kingsgate (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials) Now only available on CD

Volume 6  which includes the parishes of Heckfield, Odiham, South Warnborough, Stratfield Turgis, and Tadley. (£5)

Volume 8 which includes the parishes of Bullington and Tufton, Burghclere, Ewhurst, Herriard, Highclere, Litchfield, Newnham, Newtown, Rowner, Whitchurch and Wolverton. (£5) 

Volume 9 Now only available on CD - please see 'CD's Available' page.

Volume 10 devoted entirely to St Thomas a Becket, Portsmouth, 1653 to 1700. (£5)

Volume 11 (in two parts) which includes the parishes of Winchester College Burials 1678-1903, Baptisms 1726-1861 and Marriages 1699-1745; Weyhill, Hannington, Crawley, Kingsworthy, Nately Scures, Rotherwick, Bentworth and Boldre. (£5 each part)

Volume 12 (in two parts) which includes the Isle of Wight parishes of Brading, Calbourne, Freshwater, Niton, Whitwell and Yaverland. ( £5 each part)

Volume 13 is devoted to the parish of St Maurice, Winchester and is priced at £5.

Volume 14 which is devoted to the Isle of Wight parish of Newport. (£7.50)

Volume 15 (in two parts) with the parish of Portsmouth (1701-1741 and 1742-1775). (£5 each part) 

Volume 16 (in two parts) which includes the Winchester parishes of, St Thomas with St Clement, St Peter Cheesehill, St Faith and St Bartholomew, Hyde. (£5 each part) 

Where there are two parts to some volumes, please check using the address at the bottom of the page to ensure that you get the correct part.


The Parish Registers of the Circus Church in Portsmouth. A complete set of the Baptism and Marriage Registers from 1863 until it was closed down in 1951. No burials were undertaken by the church. £4


The Commonwealth War Graves Series

War Graves in Hampshire North. £4

War Graves in Hampshire South. £5

War Graves in the Isle of Wight. £3

War Graves in the Channel Islands. £3


Tribute Series

Remembering those who died in Northern Ireland on duty. £5

Roll of Honour to those who lost their lives in the Falklands Conflict. £5

To the Men of Portsmouth who lost their lives in the First World War. £5

Hampshire Regiment Casulaties in the First World War. £5

The Ship Series

There are a number of publications in this series giving crew details of those who lost their lives in conflict on the seas. As well as the crew list, there is often a description of the vessel and of the last battle in which it took part. Available now are:

At £5 each: SS Titanic and Men who fought with Nelson at Trafalgar

At £4.50 each: HMS Queen Mary, HMS Invincible, HMS Indefatigable, HMS Bulwark, HMS Hood, HMS Black Prince, HMS Good Hope, HMS Monmouth, HMS Defence, HMS Glorious, HMS Clan MacNaughton, Battle of Jutland Destroyers, HMS Neptune and Flower Class Corvettes.

At £3.50 each: HMS Barham, HMS Aboukir, HMS Hampshire, HMS Affray, HMS Viknor, HMS Vanguard, HMS Stanley, HMS Princess Irene, HMS Goliath and HMS Amphion.


Other publications include:

LEIGH PARK - The First Fifty Years. This is the only publication telling the story of this very large housing estate built on part of the Staunton Estates just north of Havant. It tells the story from its birth in 1947 and includes a diary of events and personal memories by residents. £7.

Baptism and Marriage Indexes for St Nicholas, Church, Plumstead, London. The range of dates is 1878 to 1978 and in fourteen volumes, all at £4 each.


Enquiries only to renault963@aol.com

Publications can be ordered by post from Mrs S. Renault, 4 Bow Hill Lane, West Stoke, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 9BS. Please add £1.50 per item for postage and packing for inland orders and £2.50 for overseas orders. We regret we can only accept cheques made out in pounds sterling and made payable to SPGC.